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Caledon Hills Private Wealth, aims to be the most renowned and respected full-service wealth management firm in Caledon. Our specialized knowledge and expertise combined with our impeccable customer service record makes clients confident and comfortable to the point that they want to share their experience with friends and family. Using a unique Wealth Creation and Preservation system to encompass comprehensive financial planning, we bring advanced wealth management to Caledon in a simplistic rural feel.

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Shane Nixon, CFP®, CIM, CLU, BBA (Hons)

Portfolio Manager
Senior Wealth Advisor

Financial Planner, Bolton Ontario ON, Shane Nixon, CFP, CLU, BBA, CIM

Beth Blackmere

Associate Investment Advisor

Beth Blackmere

Tracy Hellquist

Administrative Assistant

Tracy Hellquist

Kimberly Seipt, EPC, CHS, RIBO

Senior Investment Advisor

Financial Advisor, Bolton Ontario ON, Kimberly Seipt, EPC, CHS, RIBO

David Hagenow

Wealth Advisor

Financial Advisor, Bolton Ontario ON, David Hagenow