About David

David Hagenow

Wealth Advisor
iA Private Wealth® | Caledon Hills Private Wealth

Another area native, David brings more than 25 years experience to his role in helping investors plan their goals and to understand and navigate an increasingly-challenging market environment:

"Once the important work of creating a financial road-map is complete, its success is largely dependent upon staying the course. That often comes down to confidence, and confidence comes from seeing progress without negative surprises that go beyond investor expectations. Successful investing is not about crystal-ball gazing nearly as much as it is about effective risk-management. While it's nice to know what the potential upside of a given investment or strategy might be, it is essential to understand the downside and find the suitable balance between the two."

Along with focusing a lot of his research on effective risk management techniques, David believes that knowledge is also an important part of maintaining investing confidence and to that end he takes a very educational approach to his client relationships:

"If you can demystify the often confusing world of finance for investors, comfort level rises because clients better understand what to expect and as a result it is less likely that strategic mistakes will be made. I find that the value to the investor of having a solid foundational understanding of planning strategy and market dynamics, along with ongoing dialogue with their advisor, is increasing significantly in the evolving financial environment."

Licensed and experienced in equities and options trading, mutual and hedge funds, ETFs and fixed income David is able to draw on a full-array of investment solutions. He takes pride in providing strategy for the even the most established and advanced investors, as well as offering broader planning solutions supported by the deep knowledge resource of the Caledon Hills Private Wealth team.

In his spare time David can be found relaxing with his wife and two teen-aged sons, getting involved in community activities, tinkering with his car or simply out fishing.